Latest update: 13/03/2020 15:30

Due to the latest update from the Dutch government regarding the Coronavirus, the Board has decided to close the CH-room until the 27th of March. If the situation regarding the virus hasn’t improved by then, we will consider closing the CH-room for a longer period of time. We will keep you informed about the situation by updating this page.

Committees won’t be able to work in the committee rooms of CH at EEMCS for the time being. If need be, the QQ’ers (supervisors) will decide per committee how and where they will proceed with their work. 

We have decided to cancel all upcoming events until at least the 6th of April. That means that the Dies Week and the MatCH Casino Night, for which you (possibly) have bought tickets, will either be postponed or cancelled. If you have not received your refund by then, please let us know by sending an email to

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Since we won’t be present at EEMCS, our telephone can’t be answered and we will make sure to answer e-mails as fast as we can.

Stay safe and healthy.


Will the iCom be affected by this?
From what we know now, we will not cancel the trip. We will notify every (potential) attendant if this changes.


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