Hey freshman!

A new time of your life will be starting! As the study association of your studies we are here to help you out during these new times. We will be organizing an online Freshmen Introduction Day on the 18th of August in which you can get to know our faculty, other students and the study association while having a lot of fun.

By signing up for the Freshmen Introduction Day, you will automatically become a member of our association, which gives you some awesome perks, such as:

  • Buying books at a discount. Our association sells all of the study books you need for a discounted price!
  • Fun activities. As a member of CH you can join all the fun activities we organize, such as parties, study trips or ski trips.
  • Getting to know career opportunities. We organize career events where you can get to know companies and how your skills could be applied there. For example: we organize lunch lectures (where you can get free lunch!) where a company tells about cool project they are working on.
  • Joining committees. We could not organize our more than 100 activities a year without the help of committee members. A committee is a group of students that organizes an activity together. Examples are: the SjaarCie, which organizes a party and a barbecue, the AnnuCie, which designs our yearbook from start to finish and The iCom, which organizes a study trip of a week to a European city. Sign up now, at wisv.ch/committee!

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