Join the Dies committee for a week of festivities to celebrate the 64th birthday of the association.


Haven’t seen the Theme Reveal of this years Dies yet? Watch it here!

Tuesday: Escape Room

23th of March: 19:45

Join a group and try to escape as fast as possible!

Wednesday: Cocktail Night

24th of March: 20:00

Learn how to make four delicious cocktails and enjoy them together with your friends! You can also buy a Cocktail-package if you live in Delft! If you don’t live in Delft, don’t worry! You can find the ingredients of the cocktails here.

The zoom link for the Cocktail Night can be found here!

Thursday: Quiz Night

25th of March: 20:00

Show of your knowledge by competing in the online quiz night!

The zoom link for the Quiz Night can be found here!


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