Agga Capital is centered around capturing value from the emerging cryptocurrency sector. To do this, we operate a proprietary, in-house hedge fund, as well as releasing high-demand SaaS (or licenced) apps for traders. Our team has experience ranging from discretionary trading, quantitative trading systems and computer sciences. We are developing a robust trading system capable of trading on many (and between) exchanges. We have an alpha version of the system working. The goal is the run a diverse set of portfolio’s utilising active capital management through algorithmic/systematic trading.

Depending on you background and interests, you will be working with the team on either infrastructure and/or development and implementation of trading strategies. We are a young company with a passionate and small team which giving you the opportunity to significantly contribute to the success of this company.

It’s hard work but loads of fun. Learn a lot. Free lunch. Weekly table-football championships. Unlimited beer on Friday.

To do this successfully, the team currently has 2 full-time members and 3 interns with (ideally) experience in Backtesting & Algorithmic trading strategies. We are open for internships with econometrics, math, physics and computer science backgrounds.


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