Nelen & Schuurmans is a Water Management Consultancy & IT Company. Our mission is contributing to a healthy, safe and resilient environment. Dutch water management is still an important field for us, but our activities abroad have largely increased over the past few years. We carry out projects in the UK, Denmark, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenia, South Africa, and recently, we opened a branch office in Taiwan.

Our primary focus is on “informed decision making” in issues related to our five business lines: urban water, climate adaptation, operational water management, flood risk and water & agriculture. Our work is based on thorough knowledge of integrated water management and the use of advanced IT products and modelling instruments. These instruments are (being) developed in-house and can be considered as the best tools available in their field of application.

We have two main IT products. Lizard is a product that supports empowering digital geo-services. It is able to connect and integrate all relevant geodata, object information and time-series. The second product, 3Di, provides the basis of various hydrodynamic modelling services, as it enables the user to make fast and accurate hydrodynamic computations. In all our activities, we aim at using and developing innovative methods and techniques in computations, visualisation and analyses in order to get the best results.


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