With approximately 5 billion USD invested in futures markets, Transtrend is one of the world’s top players in the market of asset management companies in the category ‘managed futures’ (also referred to as CTAs). Transtrend works for leading institutional investors and high net-worth individuals in Europe, Asia and North America.

The investment strategy is based on the continuous analysis of price movements: recognition of (changing) underlying structures, the creativity to translate these into appropriate quantitative trading strategies, and the ability to leave the corresponding calculations to the computer.

We invest responsibly. For us, responsible investment means active investing, being aware of our role in the market, of the impact that our actions can have on markets, and the fundamental role of markets in our society.

 Working at Transtrend

Working at Transtrend means that you are part of a team of 65 professionals who work together with focus, long-term orientation and an eye for quality to achieve the best result for their clients. Within Transtrend you get the opportunity to work with high technology, you come into contact with complex matters and innovative insights, and you serve the world’s leading investors. Transtrend is all about ‘learning by doing’, questioning generally accepted truths and devising original solutions to problems. Our joint efforts determine our culture and who we are.

Do you see the trees or the forest?

The term exact education is sometimes misleading. Anyone who knows students of scientific studies knows that among them are sharp people who can carry out complex analyses with great precision. But also apparent scatterbrains who thrive in chaos and can recognize the patterns in it. Both types of people are needed in our R&D department. Many people can’t recognize the trees in the forest. Others can’t see the forest for its trees. We are looking for people for the trees and people for the forest.

So you are the man of precision who can identify and count the trees, who knows how to bring order in complexity, using software that you can make yourself, then we would like to get to know you. Precision is a must. So is having obtained a university degree. Only the masculinity is unimportant.

Or are you the woman with vision who immediately sees the difference between a deciduous and coniferous forest without counting the trees, who can recognize the patterns, using among others software that you can make yourself, then we would like to get to know you. You see through the story behind the facts. You demonstrated that with the completion of a scientific university study programme. Only the femininity is unimportant.


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