HKV Lijn in Water

Stochastics, Optimization

Consultancy, research, products and services in water and safety

HKV provides expert advice, research, products and services in water management and flood risk in the Netherlands and abroad. Our fields of expertise are:

  • Risk and Disaster Management
  • Rivers, Coasts and Deltas
  • Water and Climate

Customers from the public and private sector use our expertise ranging from broad, exploratory studies to specialist desk studies. HKV employees are highly qualified and internationally recognized experts, often with long experience in their field and extensive knowledge of the complex world of water management and flood risk. We are in business since 1995, have around 70 employees and offices in Lelystad and Delft.

At HKV we work a lot with models mostly with a physical mathematical basis. We give expert advice and do research to actual water and climate problems with the aid of these models. Think about questions like: what is the optimal strength of flood defences, can we continue to live in the deepest parts of the Netherlands in case of an extremely sea level rise and how can damage in Texas caused by hurricane Harvey be decreased. Our models are frequently used to reveal the risks of water (flood but also drought!) and to decrease the uncertainties in the natural and technical system as much as possible. And of course the solutions have to fit in social context as well as social preferences of risk perception. At HKV we work with circa ten mathematicians, who work together with other disciplines, like for example civil engineers, in project teams.

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