Sioux Lime

Stochastics, CSE, Analysis, Optimization

Do you want to use your mathematical skills instead of your more general engineering abilities? Get in contact with Sioux LIME.

Sioux LIME is an engineering firm that applies mathematical modelling to support industry with its knowledge and techniques to gain information from data, insight from simulations or
productivity by means of optimization. Originally being an initiative of the Department Mathematics and Computer Science of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Sioux LIME evolved into a consultancy company for the industry. As of 2011, LIME is a subsidiary of the Sioux group, a service provider with expertise in embedded systems, automation technology and electronics. Our consultants typically have a MSc/PhD background in applied mathematics, physics or systems and control.

Our engineers all work on the same thing: Mathware. We define Mathware as the result of the creative and pragmatic implementation of mathematical expertise for improving products or processes. We will happily show not the definition but the practical use of eigenvalues, fourier transforms and maximum likelihood estimators. We all speak the same language, the language of Mathware.

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