Feedback Panels

The commissioners for education coordinate the Feedback Panels (or: collegeresponsiegroepen, CRG’s). There is one Feedback Panel for each year of each study. The student panels meet once each quarter to evaluate the education. Small problems can be communicated directly to the lecturers. At the end of each quarter or semester, an end-evaluation is planned. The results of this evaluation go to the faculty’s education committees.

Students can sign up for the Feedback Panel at any moment. If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please send an email to

For some Feedback Panels, we made WhatsApp groups for easy communication. You can join the one for your year here:

Feedback Panel CSE Year 1 Join
Feedback Panel CSE Year 2 Join
Feedback Panel CSE Year 3 Join
Feedback Panel MSc CS Join
Focus Group MSc AM Join


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