• You participate in the lottery by buying a ticket on the website.
    • Tickets which are bought are in the name of the person who bought them. That name will be put in the lottery. It is not possible to change the name.
    • You have to be a member of Christiaan Huygens to participate in the lottery.
    • You have to have bought a gala ticket to participate in the lottery.
  • You automatically participate in both suites when buying a ticket.
    • In case your date wins one suite, you do not participate in the other suite.
  • The GalaCie and the Board only participate for one and the same suite.
  • The dates of the GalaCie and the Board are seen as GalaCie and Board.
  • The lottery for the suites will be on the 14th of April. This will be, for the time being, be done in the /Pub.
    • One name will be pulled, after that the GalaCie and the Board will be added to the lottery and again a new will be pulled.
  • In case no winners are present, the GalaCie will contact both winners at a later moment and decide who gets which suite.
    • In the case that only one of the two winners is present, the winner may decide which suite they want.
    • In case both winners are present, and they cannot agree who wins which suite, the GalaCie will play a game of “guess the number under the 10” to determine who wins which suite.
  • In case no one plays in the lottery, the suites will go to an honorary member of Christiaan Huygens.
  • In case someone wins the lottery, who cannot stay in the suite (and has not communicated this to the GalaCie before the 14th of April), the lottery will happen again. This time without a ceremony.
    • This might occur when someone is in quarantine, isolation, or any other circumstances. In case both winners will be each other’s date, they will be able to pick one of the suites and the other suite will be again allotted among the participants.


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