Jaya Baloo

Ambassador since 04-03-2019

Jaya already programmed in BASIC at the age of 9 and was fascinated by security her whole life. But, at first, she started her career in a completely different area.

While studying at the Tufts University in Boston, Jaya wanted to become a diplomat. After a while, she switched careers to work for KPN as a Network Services Engineer and later on Senior Network Administrator. Then Jaya took a break from KPN to work at a few different companies as security specialist at France Telecom and Verizon Business.

When confidential information was hacked at KPN, Jaya was appointed as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at KPN as of October 1, 2012. This new position gives KPN a clear and unambiguous control over all aspects of IT security. As CISO, she manages a team of over 100 driven network specialist and ensures that KPN is ready for the super computer, when the time comes.

Now, Jaya is the only CISO of the Netherlands that is in the top 100 CISO’s globally and we are proud that she is now an ambassador of Christiaan Huygens.

In september 2019 she left KPN and started as CISO at the software company Avast, however she will stay connected with KPN as an advisor.