New ambassadors

During the last General Assembly, two new Ambassadors were installed! For more information about them, please have a look at our ambassadors overview.

Puzzle Booklet Prof. Aarts

In honor of the 80th birthday of our Honorary President Prof. Dr. J.M. Aarts, we have created a collection of puzzles which were created by Prof. Aarts and published in versions of our MaCHazine. The booklet can be found here.

Get your yearbook

Yesterday was the annual Yearbook Drink where everyone could buy a yearbook. If you couldn’t make it to the drink you can now get a yearbook at the board.

EPA 62

We are pleased to introduce to you, EPA 62: the candidate Board of W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’. Chairman: Rik Westdorp Secretary: Tom Heijnders Treasurer: Yanna van der Vlugt Applied Mathematics Education Affairs: Annemieke Brouwer Computer Science Education Affairs: Jurriaan den Toonder Public Relations: Jari de Keijzer Career Affairs: Jeroen Nelen

New books are available!

Unfortunately, books could not be sold last week, but as of today you can come to the desk and buy all the books you need for the fourth quarter! Books and prices can be found here


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