Wouter Stoutjesdijk

Ambassador since 04-03-2019

During his time in Delft, Wouter was already very engaged with Christiaan Huygens. He was part of multiple committees and a member of Board 40.

After receiving his Master degree in Computer Science in 2001, he started his career as a consultant at Accenture. After 5 years, he decided to develop a broad business perspective & skills with an INSEAD MBA. Upon completion, he continued his career in Belgium for telecommunications company BASE, a daughter of KPN. He worked in sales, marketing and customer operations roles, ending up as the COO (Chief Customer Experience Officer). When BASE was sold to Liberty Global, he took up a role in the new global marketing team in Amsterdam to develop value propositions across European operating companies.

Wouter is currently heading The House of Marketing & Upthrust; a marketing & digital strategy consulting firm.