The CHipCie organises the Delft Algorithm Programming Contest in October, a special edition for freshmen in June and sometimes even the BAPC (Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest) when it is held in Delft. In 2022/2023 they’ll go even a step further by organising NWERC, the programming contest of North-West Europe. Click here to visit their website.

The CHipCie committee consists of the following members:




Name Position
Nadyne Aretz Chair
Elise Deen Secretary & Commissioner of Resources
Laura Pircalaboiu Treasurer
Robert van Dijk Head Systems
Maarten Weyns System Affairs
Yoshi van den Akker System Affairs
Brian Witmer Commissioner of Recruitment & Promotion
Raoul Bruens Commissioner of Logistics & Activities
Maarten Sijm Head of Jury Affairs
Thomas Verwoerd Commissioner of Coaches
Merel Steenbergen Commissioner of Logistics & Activities
Els Brouwer Qualitate Qua