The CHipCie organises the Delft Algorithm Programming Contest in October, a special edition for freshmen in June and sometimes even the BAPC (Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest) when it is held in Delft. In 2023/2024 they’ll go even a step further by organising NWERC, the programming contest of North-West Europe. Click here to visit their website.

The CHipCie committee consists of the following members:

Position Name
Chair Brian Witmer
Secretary Raoul Bruens
Treasurer Kasper van Duijne
Head of Jury Affairs Maarten Sijm
Head of System Affairs Robert van Dijk
System Affairs Maarten Weyns
System Affairs Jan Piotrowski
Promotion affairs Timo van der Valk
Regional Contest Director NWERC Nadyne Aretz
Logistics Affairs Elise Deen
Coaches & University affairs Thomas Verwoerd
Qualitate Qua Els Brouwer