The CHoCo organises the CH parent’s day, which takes place in May, and a Freshmen Dinner. More information can be found  here.

The CHoCo committee consists of the following members:


Daan Weenink Chairman
Daphne van Dorst Secretary
Willemijn Tutuarima Treasurer
Martijn Vorstman Eating and Drinkin Affairs
Pien Kastelijn Diner Affairs
Bart Vos Diner Affairs
Eric van der Toorn Promotion Affairs
Kilian Buis Promotion Affairs
Marcus Schutte Morning Programme Affairs
Chris van der Werf Morning Programme Affairs
Floor Laseur Afternoon Programme Affairs
Tiko Alorcon Rivero Afternoon Programme Affairs
Marc Corstanje Qualitate Qua
Francis Behnen Qualitate Qua