The film crew is the group that always makes the aftermovie of freshman weekend. They are the people at EJW in their Delft Blue dungarees with a camera and microphone in their hands. And you know what they say: ‘What happens at EJW, stays in the aftermovie’. The Filmcrew consists of the foloowing people:

  • Bastiaan Bakker
  • Doris Aafjes
  • Marcus Schutte
  • Louise Leibrandt
  • Lieke van der Linden
  • Pauline Huisman
  • Nick Altena
  • David Allaart
  • Ilona Post
  • Maaike Mol
  • Saskia Vertregt
  • Sille
  • Daan Rennings
  • Marjolein Bouwmeester
  • Ricardo ‘Fer’ Jongerius
  • Sven Popping
  • Timo van Asten