/Pub Board

The /Pub Board is a part time board which makes sure everything runs smoothly in the /Pub. They take care of the financial health, events such as the epic /Pub Beer Cantus, inventory, bartenders, big renovations etc. This board is a mixture of three CH members and three ETV members and of course very beloved by everybody in the faculty! They are (almost) always somewhere in the /Pub, so when you’re in the /Pub make sure to have a beer and a chat!


Position Name
Chair Sophie van der Linden
Secretary Nynke Baars
Treasurer Noud Lindeman (ETV)
Commissioner of Inventory Twan Spierings (ETV)
Commissioner of Events Bink Boëtius
Commissioner of Maintenance Matthijs Spijker (ETV)
Qualitate Qua Isabelle Elias & Hein Schröder (ETV)