Dr. ir. R. J. Diependaal

Dr. ir. R. J. Diependaal (Rob)
Born: November 1

Mr. Diependaal has done a great deal for our student association during his student life. In 1978/1979, during Board 22, he fulfilled the task of Education Affairs for Lower Years. During his school year he has already shown his heart for education. He was very busy with new programs, good arrangements and facilities.

Mr. Diependaal was not only involved in education but also in the faculty’s water policy team. He covered the role of keeper of the renowned WIP team.

After his PhD, he worked at the hydraulic laboratory. After that, Mr. Diependaal returned to TU to work as a study adviser. And later he took over the role of Prof. Rothkrantz as coordinator of the study advisers.

As a study adviser, Mr. Diependaal has meant a lot for mathematics and Computer Science students. His strengths were motivating students and conversations in private. Rob was really helpful for the individual and was great in dealing with various problems and offer support. With his listening ear and motivation, he tried to draw the students through the study. He did not let go of them and committed to engaging with students, making appointments and returning to motivate the students.

His attendance at CH receptions and EJWs was greatly appreciated. At EJW he always sang with the then-known study advisory song. With this song, students from the audience called a “random” problem, and the study advisors went to sing an “improvised” song about it. This was always very comical and resulting in lots of laughter.

In 2005 (1 August) Mr. Diependaal left the TU, which was a big loss for many students.