Ir. F. Ververs

Ir. F. Ververs (Frans)
Born: November 10, 1944 in Rotterdam

Former Associate Professor Program Development Systems.

Former Training Director Computer Science.

After his high school, Frans Ververs started studying in Delft. First Technical Physics, because Mathematics and Computer Science did not yet exist as a standalone programme in Delft. In the end he graduated from the Mathematics subdivision with specialisation in computer science.

In 1969 he became a student assistant, after which he became a scientific assistant in 1971. After that, he became a senior lecturer in software development systems at Prof. Van Katwijk. In his function, he was an indispensable factor and support and support for a number of graduates.

During his student time, he was not very active at CH, although he had already experienced CH activities as a participant. However, this changed quickly. At Christiaan Huygens he has organized weekends for senior students, and participated even more often. Even on freshmen weekends he is often present. As a supervisor he also participated three times with a study trip to Sweden, Japan and Eastern Europe.

At the faculty, Frans Ververs has also laid some solid foundations: in the Faculty Board and the Faculty Council, for example, but also as chairman of the Barcommittee. Due to his jovial and exuberant personality and student-minded attitude, he is a very appealing and approachable figure within the computer science community. What few people know is that Frans Ververs was at the cradle of the computer science song: Programmeren kun je leren!