Mw. A.M. Voets

Mw A.M. Voets (Anthonia Marrigje)
Born: October 19, 1956 in Rotterdam

Function: secretary 1 Faculty of EWI, EWI faculty secretariat

Ank Voets has become a Member of Merit on November 16, 1982. She became Honourary member on March 8, 1993 due to great involvement with faculty students, her presence on all first-year weekends and other CH activities.

Ank came to work at the TU Delft right from the high school in 1975, at the then Mathematics subdivision. Initially, as a departmental secretary, after which she was asked to strengthen the subdivision secretariat after three years, she has been employed by many different names: department secretary, executive secretary, management assistant, employee administrative support secretary. Throughout the years, The Subdivision of Mathematics changed several times: the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, and after the cluster with Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology and Systems (ITS) and now the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS).

From the beginning, contacts with CH were either for business purposes (PCs did not exist yet and typing on machines with spheres was sometimes difficult but Ank was used to it, so “help” is easily requested) or for more casual purposes, with the math bar playing a major role. She soon also joined the Whiskas, the committee that arranged the food and drink events at the freshmen weekend. She filled this role for 10 years, plus the first year of the Wocky!, as the committee was renamed after the joining of the mathematics and computer science weekend. She was also part of almost all senior student weekends.

Ank is seen as the “mother of the faculty”.