Prof. dr. S.C. van Veen †

Prof. dr. S.C. van Veen (Simon Cornelis)

Born: June 8, 1896 in Rotterdam
Died: date unknown

Simon Cornelis van Veen was born June 8 1896 in Rotterdam. He was registered in 1914 at ‘de Technische Hoogeschool Delft’ where he completed his first year transcript with succes. In the same year he completed his transcript in mathematics and mechanical engineering. In 1917 he studied at Leiden University but he had to break off his studie and started assisting Prof. dr. P. Ehrenfest until 1921. In 1920 he completed exams in mathematics and astronomy and in 1927 he got promoted to doctor in mathematics and physics.


From 1921 till 1946 he was a teacher at the Christian Middelschool of Dordrecht. He was regularly rewarded with prizes for his outstanding work. A lot of his work was published in Dutch and foreign magazines.