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Here are other organizations and persons listed where you can go for help.

General Help

Ombud Officer Carin Wensveen You can contact this person when the way of doing things of another student, an employee of the TU, or an organization results in problems you cannot solve via other parties. 

Motiv Provide board training, personal coaching, and grief support. They are working with TU Delft so most of their services are free.

Career & counseling Offer free workshops, courses, online information, and one-to-one consultations.

Podcasts about struggles

Bumpy road (Dutch only) Een podcast waarin jongeren hun verhaal vertellen – over het leven, over vastlopen en over losbreken. Hoe dat voelt en wat helpt.

Hey het is oke (Dutch only) Hoe gaan anderen jongeren om met eenzaamheid? In deze podcast vertellen Sarah, Mees, Jennate, Isaac en Dionysia hoe het was om zich alleen te voelen.

Study related struggles

Student Onbeperkt The mission of Student Onbeperkt is to ensure that every student with a disability at the TU Delft feels right at home and can fully engage in education.

General practitioner/health

General practitioner Available from 8-17 on weekdays

General practitioner Available during the weekend and during nights

Brijder Addiction help and prevention


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