The idea of a Career College is that a company or an organization will give a workshop where you can learn a soft skill. Each workshop has a different topic, such as negotiation, personal branding, problem solving or a LinkedIn workshop.

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Quarter 4

PhD Showcase and Panel

Are you considering getting your PhD in the future? Then the PhD Showcase and Panel on 7 June 16:00-17:30 is just the thing for you! There will be panel members who recently finished their PhD or are still PhD candidates from both Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. They will tell you in short about their PhD research and discuss statements about being a PhD candidate. For example: do you have to sacrifice all your free time to get your PhD?

There are limited places on campus to view the panel in-person, but it is also possible to view the livestream online. To register, go to

Quarter 3

Master your entrepeneurial pitch

29th of March| 19:30 – 21:00 | Online| Free

Want to know more about creating a start-up? Then join the upcoming Career College!

In this workshop you will learn the basics of the lean startup strategy, after which you will be given a case to solve in small groups using this strategy. In the end you will pitch your solution which will be structured based on the lean-canvas you created when solving the case.

Register here!

Quarter 2

Improving your résumé

7th of January | 18:00 – 19:30 | Online| Free

Do you want a nice and modern résumé? How do you create your own professional résumé that interests your future employer?

We are organising a workshop together with Integrand Delft where you will learn all tips & tricks to improve your résumé.

In this training you will learn to how to structure your résumé, how to focus the attention on your personal profile and what to and not to put on your résumé. At the end of the training you will also have the opportunity to have the trainers give feedback on your personal résumé.

You can join the zoom meeting via this link.

Personal Branding

25th of November| 18:00 – 20:00 | EEMCS Lecture Hall M | Free

Are you orienting on the job market already? And are you prepared for the interviews you will have at the nicest companies you can imagine?

No? No problem! We would like to prepare you during our Personal Branding training, by creating your own one minute pitch to convince the recruiter to hire you right away!

The training itself will take approximately 2 hours in which we will tell you more about the theory behind personal branding, the power of storytelling, you will create your own story, and you will eventually deliver your powerful and inspiring pitch!

The training will be organised physically at EEMCS with respect to current rules and regulations on campus. if you sign up, you will be contacted with the details via mail.

Register now via

If you’re attending this event, you can also order a pizza here.

Quarter 1

Workshop – Developing your environment

6th of October| 15:45 – 17:45 | Online | Free

How do I define my values? How can I best link my values with a company culture?

Studentflex / High Potential Academy will organise an online workshop about identifying and recognizing your values and what company culture matches those values.

The Career College consists of the following parts:
– 1 hour individual preparatory assignment
– 2 hour online workshop
– ½ hour reflective talk somewhere in the weeks following the workshop

There are only 15 spots available so make sure to sign up soon via After filling in the form you will be notified whether you managed to claim a spot or are placed on the waiting list.

When you receive the mail confirming you got a spot, you will be asked to confirm your attendance to the training within 2 days.

Personal Development Workshop

17th of September| 11:30 – 13:30 | Online | Free 

This event is for master students only!

What skills do I want to develop in my first job and where should my employer be able to challenge me in?

High Potential Academy will organise an online workshop about identifying and recognizing your own pitfalls. You will learn to develop your talents, how to avoid your pitfalls and what support to expect from your future employer.

The workshop itself will take 2 hours, but you are expected to complete a preparatory assignment which will take approximately 1 hour and participate in a follow-up talk with High Potential Academy lasting half an hour.

There are only 15 spots available so make sure to sign up soon via If you manage to claim a spot you will be contacted by High Potential Academy regarding all relevant information of the workshop and the follow-up talk.


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