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Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer Transtrend – thuis in markten. Met ruim $6 miljard belegd in termijnmarkten en een solide track record sinds begin jaren ’90 behoort Transtrend tot de wereldtop van vermogensbeheerders in de categorie “Managed Futures” (ook wel CTA’s genoemd). Transtrend is werkzaam voor toonaangevende institutionele beleggers en vermogende particulieren wereldwijd. Transtrend past […]

Placed 1 week ago

Junior Systems Reliability Engineer

As Systems Reliability Engineer at Da Vinci, you will be working closely with a fun team of skilled, smart and dedicated researchers, traders and developers. Our engineers are hands-on and act as a key element in making sure our in-house high performance trading system runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Placed 4 weeks ago

Graduate C++ Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer at Da Vinci, you’ll work closely with a team of highly skilled traders and quant researchers. You will have direct, immediate, and large-scale impact on the company, whether you focus on our trading algorithms or the architecture of our technology’s core components.


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