Mathematical Career Orientation Day 2019

The Mathematical Career Orientation Day is aimed at students who are currently studying Applied Mathematics and are eager to find out what they can do after finishing their studies. During the event, you will get the opportunity to have one-on-one talks with mathematicians currently working at the participating companies. This can be just an orientating conversation, but the interview may also directly lead to a job, internship or graduation project! The Mathematical Career Orientation Day will take place at the April 3rd.


The day will be filled with one-on-one conversations, which will be scheduled for each student. There will also be lunch included. In the registration form, you can indicate what time slots would be suitable for you so we can make a schedule that will fit you! We will try to schedule as much company talks as you are interested in, however, we can not guarantee you will be scheduled with all your choices.

Throughout the day, there will also be talks about pursuing a career in education or academia. The day will end with a keynote speech by an alumnus of Applied Mathematics. It is also possible to sign up for these talks in the registration form. After this, it will be possible to mingle with your fellow students and employees of the participating companies while enjoying a drink in the /Pub!


The companies will be announced soon!

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