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Learn about your career possibilities! This new program will offer lectures and workshops regarding a career at a big company, starting your own company, an academic career and soft skills! In every quarter two or three lectures/workshops will be given regarding that quarter’s subject.

Quarter 1: Personal Development

In the first quarter two workshop will be given regarding your personal development. This will include a workshop on taking another approach on solving problems and a workshop on Networking.

Quarter 2: First Steps into Science

It’s possible for you to keep on working in the academic world, but why do people do this? This quarter will focus on why people choose to work at big research institutes or do a Phd.

Quarter 3: Making a Career

Most people start their career at a well established company. There are so many companies, that there is a huge variety of career options. This quarter will focus on those varieties, between companies as well as internal positions between companies. We will also have some alumni talk about their career paths.

Quarter 4: Building Your Own Company

One of the most trending and stimulated career paths, especially in our fields, is starting your own company. If you’ve never been in contact with the startup world it might be hard to imagine why this could be fun for you. Is it the adventure? Is it the money? This quarter will focus on answering all your questions from why this would be fun to how to turn your company into a well established company.


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