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Due to COVID-19, all books of all years (as opposed to just the 2nd and 3rd years) will be sold online. To be able to buy books, you need to be a member of the association and you need a CH account to log into our website. Membership is available for €5 per year. To become a member, please click the button below.

Once you have completed your registration, you can buy your books below.


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Book sale regulations

If you’re a member at another study association in Delft, it is also possible to buy our books. You do have to bring proof of enrollment of the other study association. The same goes for members of CH to buy books at other study associations. You can request proof of enrollment at the board.

Regarding the physical book sales, books are ordered at most twice a quarter. The first batch is ordered before the quarter, the second batch two weeks after the quarter has started. We’ll only do a reorder if necessary. After this reorder, we will not order the same books again. At the end of the quarter, the remaining books will be returned to the book store. From that moment on, the books will not be available anymore.

Book Sale 2020/2021

Below, you will find up-to-date overviews of what books we sell per quarter. Note that all these books are available in our webshop.

Book Sale Q1 2020/2021

DOCX, ­26.4 KB

Book Sale Q2 2020/2021

DOCX, ­22.8 KB

Book Sale Q3 2020/2021

DOCX, ­26.5 KB

Book Sale Q4 2020/2021

DOCX, ­21.5 KB


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