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You can get your books with a discount at CH, or through the webshop below.

To be able to buy books, you need to be a member of the association and you need a CH account to log into our website. Membership is available for €5 per year. To become a member, please click the button below. If you are a double bachelor student, you can become a member at both VvTP and CH to get books at a discount from both study associations!

Please note: membership is included in the Freshmen Weekend/Day price.

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Once you have completed your registration, you can buy your books physically at CH (check the table below for the local stock), or at the webshop.

Local stock at CH

Think Python€37.1914
Differential Equations and Their Applications€59.3827
Fundamentals of Database Systems€78.8319
Data Structures & Algorithms In Java0
Algorithm Design€104.7920



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Book resale system

Buying second hand books is good for the environment and for your wallet! If you want to sell your old books, or buy second hand books from older students, please visit

This is a collaboration between Christiaan Huygens and studieboekswap, a platform developed by one of our members.


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