Book sale

First Year Courses
For first year courses, the books for the second quarter will be available at CH from November 11th with an exclusive CH member discount. You can come by CH to buy the books and get some free pens, notebooks and a CH bag! After November 25th you can buy them at the webshop and have them delivered to CH.

Other Years
For the older year courses, you can buy the books at the webshop on our site with an exclusive CH member discount! The webshop has already opened and if you order your books, they will be delivered to CH. You will get a message when they have arrived. When you pick up your books, you can take some free pens, notebooks and a CH bag! If you order your books after November 9th, your books will be sent to your home.

To be able to buy books, you need to be a member of the association and you need a CH account to log into our website. Membership is available for €5 per year. To become a member, please click the button below.

Please note: membership is included in the Freshmen Weekend/Day price.

Once you have completed your registration, you can buy your books below.

Book sale regulations

If you are a CH member, you can buy books in our online book store or buy them at CH if it is for a first year course.

If you’re a member at another study association in Delft, it is also possible to buy our books. You do have to bring proof of enrollment of the other study association. The same goes for members of CH to buy books at other study associations. You can request proof of enrollment at the board.


For some courses you might need a reader. You can buy these by clicking the link below. Make sure to check if it is the correct year of reader!


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