As a dedicated family business, we have been providing planning software for over 30 years, primarily
serving medium-sized and large companies. We emphasize a personal and accessible interaction, both
with customers and within the team. Our businessmodel is based on a no-nonsense mentality,
employing a flat hierarchy, and nurturing strong engagement with our customers. We distinguish
ourselves through quick delivery and support, offering our expertise to actively contribute to our
customers’; planning strategies.


We manage our own servers in a datacenter located in Rotterdam, with a secondary Azure location as a
backup. Additionally, a significant portion of our operations run on the Azure platform.

Project Development

We have a tradition of continuously improving our software, considering both market needs and
technological developments. Currently, we are in the process of rewriting our standard planning
package to Vue3, a project to which we have been dedicated for some time. We observe a growing
interest from our clients in transitioning from our GWT-services to these Vue3 services. We also aim to
migrate our custom clients from GWT to Vue3 in the long term. Furthermore, we are involved in an
integration project where data from various sources are imported and exported, such as an HR-system
that automatically synchronizes new personnel information with our planning system.

Our Team
The team currently consists of approximately 12 professionals spanning different age
groups. We encourage a healthy balance between work and relaxation. Therefore, there is a specific
emphasis on recreational activities such as table football, table tennis, and darts. While we prefer
working in the office for efficient communication and social interaction, we also provide the option of
remote work when the situation demands it.

For more information or inquiries, please contact Edwin Thier at or give us a call at +31
10 234 28 34.